Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TWO cards today... 'Quiet' and todays challenge piece at Stampotique

*Those of you looking for my Stampotique #250 challenge piece, its a few images further down on this post*

Well I've been busy crafting and stamping again. Really enjoying it Last night I had a play around with a few stamps from my range at Stampotique and posted a few photos on to the Stampotique Originals Facebook page, thinking I'll upload them on to my blog this morning as it was too late last night. THEN...I saw the Stampotique Challenge theme #250 out this morning  'BUTTERFLIES, FLOWERS AND ALL THINGS GARDEN'.  ...darn....if only I'd held back a few hours from Facebook. Don't you just hate it when that happens and you pre-empt a challenge by a few hours...Of course, this means I'm unable to enter this first piece in to the challenge (I think the theming would have been ok...its isnt butterflies but its flowers and garden with a few bees thrown in for good measure...)

I used -

Prima Tropical Watercolours
Glimmer Mist spray - Marigold
Black embossing powder 

So thats the first item...

Second up today is a total contrast to the above...a quick make for Stampotique Designer;s Challenge #250 hosted by Jackie Payne- BUTTERLIES, FLOWERS AND ALL THINGS GARDEN using Small Butterfly and Papillon (which is Butterfly in French...also the name of  our house.)

I used-

Prima Tropical Watercolours

You can imagine how quick and easy this card is to make. Stamp stamp stamp (x quite a few) the butterfly, add some watercolour dabs, stand it upright so it runs downwards, stamp and add the Papillon text, fix to card stock that I inked a little around the edges. Da-daah.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stampotique Challenge theme #249 - 'Man Up'

This weeks Stampotique Designer's Challenge (SDC #249)  is 'Man Up' hosted by DT member Carol Fox , who says pretty much anything goes as long as its male based. 

I've very few male images in my collection...not sure why, but I did discover this one by stamp artist Kira Nichols at Stampotique- Sick Kitty #4006 .......... which really reminds me of my husband when he has
  'man flu' ....heehee

I drew in a light fitting  (complete with moths)  and hand wrote the 'get well soon' along the edge of the bed.

All the colour is from my Tropical set of Prima paints which I adore.

Thought it would make a change to add a bit of colour to the inside of the card.


Hope you like it...thanks for visiting.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

My parcel of Prima paints has arrived...and I love them

My parcel arrived today from A Sprinkle of Imagination, a shop in Yorkshire that I discovered online in my search for Prima Watercolours. I still had some birthday money to spend given to me from my Dad (yaaay) and after a brief conversation on FB with Kassa Hayselden (doesnt take me long to decide) I knew they would be perfect for a few things I have lined up plus just to paint for leisure too when I ever go away- although I'll probably have to buy some more by then as is ages away before we'll be venturing off anywhere.

Treated myself to the three sets of Prima watercolours, 3 stencils and some tape.(the white flowery thing in the corner is a cushion its all resting on!)

I only intended to have a quick dabble and colour Stampotique's Big Bee using the Decadent Pies set, but ended up making it into a tag. 

The paint sets dont come with a brush but I have one or two I can use here so thats handy. The paints are fab to work with. Creamy and smooth, not washy.

Ended up adding Abstract Foliage, Dandelion Duo and Symphony Scroll along with a Tim Holtz layering stencil from my new bits and bobs called Typo.

Need to test out my other two sets now.  Its great having new craft items to open. Its been a while since thats happened.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

POST #500!! All Creatures Great and Small Challenge at Stampotique

As the title says, this week's challenge over at Stampotique Designer's Challenge Blog is SDC #248 ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL hosted by Nellie van Leeuwen whose artwork I've admired for what must be 10 or 11 years now when I first started time flies.

Talking of flying, the 'creature'  I chose was the butterfly...hope that was ok and fits the bill.

I used two stamps from Stampotique Originals for this - 

and my new bargain paints I bought yesterday from ALDI for  £1.99!! The colours are just so crisp and soft, LOVE THEM!! (Bought two lots  of the pastel colours actually, can't go wrong for £1.99). Last year I brought a set of  neon brights, but these pastel shades are more me. Maybe its my age lol

The butterfly stamp I used from Stampotique is perhaps larger than you may realise... Stampotique produce two sizes of this small one large, Here is a ruler laying along side the large stamp. The actual butterfly itself is approx 5"/12cm which is probably one of the largest butterfly stamps available anywhere I would imagine.

Here are a few close ups etc of the card.

As you can see the wings are standing away from the card front.

Love those paint colours! So pleased with my bargain!

Thanks for stopping by.  x 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

BOO !!,,,,

I fancied making a CAS card. Its been a few years since making one , but I had two challenges in mind when I was putting this together. One was a theme challenge- Coby is hosting  'BOO ! ' at Stampotique Designer's Challenge (SCD#247) and Less is More's sketch challenge #278.


So my starting point was OWL WITH WINGS, which looks like this...

 This stamp design gives you the option of adding the wings to create any wing position you like. I fancied putting this owl into a 'peepo' pose (a take on 'Boo' ), but to be honest if you look at Owl below,I think he looks more like he's going OLE' ! and doing a Spanish dance.

The sketch I based this layout on is from Less is More's latest challenge. My final result is quite removed from the actual sketch given (see below) but its what I used to create the end result, so I hope its ok and close enough.

Thanks for stopping by ...x

p I type this, there is 20% off Owl with Wings from A Sprinkle of Imagination here in the UK and 10/20% of other Stampotiques too.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stampotique and Alice Mash Up

Spotted this Alice tribute theme over on the Stampotique Designer's blog- an Alice based theme using the Stampotique stamps, so I thought I'd gather a few Stampotiques together and have a go. I've discovered I need a new black... and some card... and pretty much just 'lots of materials' since all my old gear has seen better days lol. So I'd better get gathering some .

And here's a photo I took using a black and white option on my camera... kind of suits the story I think. Reminds me of the flickering black and white silent movie shots.

Will post it on to their Facebook page tomorrow...need to get straightened up here now and get to sleep ...night night x

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Two bees or not two bees...(using no black)

Actually it's three bees, but the third is rather subtle in the lower section of the design.  This is my contribution to the current STAMPOTIQUE DESIGNER'S CHALLENGE hosted by team member Samantha Read, entitled 'Anything But Black' (SDC246). 


Oh My Goodness... I REALLY had to think hard about this when I was working on it. The first thing I ALWAYS do when picking up a stamp is to pick up a black ink pad, but to make something without your old reliables to hand. AAGGHHH... tricky!!

So... with this in mind I had a look round to see what stamping colours I still had that were working ok. Having not been in the crafting spirit over the last few years, my stock has depleted somewhat. Found a few pinks and a blue...and some Straw  and Gold acrylic, and my ever faithful Stampotique Bee stamp  This is what  result. 

I placed it in to the framed lid of a nice box I discovered hidden in my craft mound-  errr... sorry- craft ROOM!!

I enjoyed the softness that 'Anything But Black' gave.

And below, the same view almost but in a different light so it shows the glimmer of the gold actrylic

Look at that...not a drop of black in sight!!! was really enjoyable. One of the most challenging challenges (if thats the right phrase) I've ever had to do. And I loved it. Thank you Sam!

I would have liked to have worked in to this a bit more...I may still do, but I'm at a stage again with creating where knowing when to stop is still escaping me. It'll come back soon, once I get back into the swing of things, but for now, I have to stop with this piece whilst the going is ok and I havent killed it. 
Perhaps needs words or numbers...or some sort of texture back ground...

Might experiment later.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Going round in CIRCLES

Since my last post (really enjoyed taking part in that challenge) I've had to change laptops and therefore programmes and so, as the title says, I spent ages trying to figure out how to upload the photos I'd taken of the STAMPOTIQUE CHALLENGE entry I'd made yesterday for SDC245 CIRCLES, hosted this week by Kristen Cantalano, I've finally got my act together and all is well in the crafting world.... . I now have this...

This started off as a plain little round lidded pot..

For the lid, I painted darker watercolour paint in the background (the negative space) between each of  the dandelion clock flowers shown on the stamp to create what appear like daisies.

Then on opening the little lidded pot you find a string of circles all connected to each other by a ribbon...

"Sometimes. I pretend to be normal,...

but it gets boring, so I go back to being me."

I took a look through my stamps and picked up all the ones with some sort of circle that I saw...(plus a star!)

these are the ones I actually used.

All the stamps used are by Stampotique . I've set them out onto a piece of paper and written the code next to it...hopefully you'll be able to see this on the enlarged version...if not I'll edit and add them.

Hopefully now I've got used to the new photo uploading programme I'll be ok again :)

See you soon...thanks for stopping by xx

Saturday, May 14, 2016

SCRIBBLES...the latest Stampotique challenge

Ever had one of THOSE weeks?

Thank goodness for the weekend, that's all I can say. And an opportunity to step in to my own world , ease my self  back in to stamping (and posting) and join in with this weeks #SDC 244 SCRIBBLES hosted by Stampotique team member Arwen McCullen.

I used a white oil pastel (tends to be a bit more resistant than any candle wax I own), water based sprays, a little heart button, and of course Stampotique stamps - #6035 Moon Girl, #3035 World All Her Own , #3065 Tenticurl.

Wishing you all a good weekend. I'm enjoying seeing all the recent creations on blogs again. xx Jo

Saturday, May 07, 2016

An apple a day...

A little while ago I did a bit of impromptu sketching with some chalk pastels.

I placed the three apples that I'd sketched in front of the finished drawing afterwards so you can get an idea of what the real thing looked like, only they're in a slightly different position.

Good to get chalky again. Pastels have always been a favourite medium of mine.

Coo-eeeeeee...anyone around still?

Testing there anyone out there in blog world still only it's been a while since I checked (my blogger info says I'm 48 lol, I wish. Need to update a lot on here).

Its taken me an hour and a half to get access to my blog again (heehee) but I managed it.

Now all I have to do is try and remember how to upload things. Quickly uploaded this photo taken from our balcony during our stay at Grand Floridian in Florida last summer as a tester..

I am crafting again now...starting slowly, trying to get into my crafty room and rescue all the good bits I can still use. Made something this morning but need to take pics.

Hope you are all ok?

xxxxxx Jo

Sunday, January 12, 2014

SDC#130 Something New

This weeks challenge over at Stampotique SDC#130 is 'Something New'. We are asked to use something that either we've been given or bought for ourselves recently.

Hmmm bit tricky(would have been simple back in the day when all my spare cash went on craft items), but before I took my break from stamping I bought a couple of packs of Papermania pre cut squares of white and  kraft heavyweight paper/ card and a new white Uniball Signo pen (the best on the market in my opinion) .

I stamped :
OWL WITH WINGS (thats the big owl that comes with the set of wings you can add on if you wish)
all onto both the white AND kraft paper and cut out the images . I also drew round a cup into white paper and cut that out for a large moon. Then just played pushing round and swapping over kraft with white or white with kraft until I was happy with the balance of the composition. Where my huge scissors (mislaid my small pair along with my paper cutter) wouldnt get close enough into the more tricky shapes to cut around I used the white pen.

 The next image is a bit blurry, sorry.

I treated myself to a couple of cheap box frames when I was at the supermarket the other day, so popped my little owl wearing his 'hat that lets the rain in ' into one.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Life is Nothing...

Less is More...colour challenge

After being away from stamping for so long I couldn't resist taking part in this weeks Less is More 'WINTER BLUES' as it's always a challenge  that inspires me due to the nature of its simplicity. I have to think hard to keep it simple and 'Less'.

The theme this week is being sponsored by Creatin' and Stampin's Lizy who is kindly offering a £15 Stampin Up gift certificate. (please see challenge link for more details).

I tried to capture both meanings of colours and blue feelings. I used Tim Holtz's butterfly and a phrase from Art Journey.

Apologies once more re the quality of the photograph(its so dark here this morning) and lack of cropping. I'm a bit lost without my old set up which contains all my photo cropping tools and watermark etc. Hopefully it can be repaired soon. Hopefully you can get the gist of it.

Have a good weekend. x

Friday, January 03, 2014

Perchance to Dream....

I liked the look of  latest Art Journey challenge, Scraplings (Scraplings are made from that end bit you sometimes slice off a tall card to create a  shorter one), but had a bit of a problem in that I haven't crafted for almost a year- apart from the other day, so wasn't sure if I'd kept the strip that I'd hacked off the base when making that one..... but  fortunately in true stamping spirit, it was still where I'd left it :0)

I fancied using the Art Journey stamp that was on a Craft Stamper cover once upon a time and ended up making what can be described as a very textured chunky tag I guess. The scrapling from last weeks card is the middle yellow/blue/gold/pinky panel.

It's not long and thin as most scrapling creations are as the artwork I had last week wasnt a standard shape. The scrap piece I found to use was more of a 5cm x 10cm (so quite deep) which had been previously stuck onto an off cut of white card. I hope this is ok for the challenge rules.- I also trim BEFORE mounting onto folded card stock so have a flat scrapling tag not one like a mini card.

Then I took it a stage further and mounted my scrapling onto an old dictionary page (the 'Perchance' page), added Art Journey's 'dream' word by cutting the word 'daydreamer' in half, 

I have more of a use for cards than tags at this time of year so thought this made sense, although it's not part of the challenge.

Thank you for stopping by. Its been really good catching up with everyone. x

Jo x